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Preferential insurances

Akademikerförsäkring offers many types of beneficial personal and property insurance, for example life insurance, accident and health insurance, as well as property insurance for the home, holiday cottage and car.

You are offered insurance adapted for you, your family and your belongings as an added value in your membership with Naturvetarna.

Read more about Akademikerförsäkringar's insurance on their website.

If you are a customer of Akademikerförsäkring, your partner can also buy insurance at a membership price. Invite your partner to take out insurance at a membership price here.


Insurance advice

If you are unsure of which insurance you need, you can book a free consultation with Akademikerförsäkring. They help you review the whole and can answer any questions.

Read more about advice on Akademikerförsäkring's website.


Talk support with a financial expert, lawyer or psychologist

You who have a life, accident, sickness and security capital insurance via Akademikerförsäkring get access to talk support "A thousand questions, one number" with an financial expert, lawyer or psychologist at no extra cost. These may be issues related to:

  • life stress (grief, addiction, parenting and relationship problems)
  • legal and financial issues at work or in private life
  • a proactive health support linked to diet, health and exercise

Read more about conversational support on Akademikerförsäkring's website.

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