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SustaiNa – personal sustainability

Do you want to change your life but need support? Strengthen your personal sustainability and achieve more balance in everyday life with Naturvetarna's membership benefit SustaiNa.

Naturvetarna see a high demand for support in increasing their personal sustainability. We work to make you feel good and be sustainable in the long term in your career.

Sustainability is about balance in everyday life, not just at work. That is why we now offer the SustaiNa service, in collaboration with Sustain You (formerly Sustainable Everyday).

SustaiNa is a method that works for you who are stressed or for other reasons want to create change both at work and at home. For example, if you feel that you are stuck in old ruts, SustaiNa provides inspiration for new habits and choices in life.


What is SustaiNa?

SustaiNa helps you to create changes on your own towards a more long-term sustainable everyday life, both at work and at home.

Through a five-step method, you get concrete support in identifying and implementing changes that take you from your current situation to the desired new situation. It is a method you can use several times.

To help you, you have:

  • a book with exercises - see examples of exercises from the book here (pdf)
  • an app
  • regular emails
  • a digital magazine with articles, knowledge and more exercises
  • invitation to 12 digital meetings of two hours in a year where you can network with other sustainers

Change is not made overnight, so long-term work and support is important. The service is a subscription of 12 months or longer. You decide for yourself how long you want to use SustaiNa. For some, a year is enough, but the vast majority have support of the service for much longer than that.

The service is developed by and offered in collaboration with Sustain You (formerly Sustainable Everyday).


Offer to you who are a member

As a member of Naturvetarna, you get SustaiNa for a reduced price of SEK 109/month (regular price SEK 149/month).

The service is a 12-month subscription and is paid for via Sustain You. You can choose to pay monthly or to pay the entire annual amount at once. The notice period is 1 month and you will receive a reminder well in advance. You continue with the service for as long as you want and have a reduced price as long as you are a member of Naturvetarna.

It is possible to pause your subscription. You can pause once and up to two months. To do so, email contact@sustainyou.se and let us know what time you want to take a break.

Are you entitled to a health care allowance from your employer? SustaiNa is deductible as wellness.

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